I'm Anne! I founded Prêt à Voyager (translation: ready to travel) in 2007 to explore the intersection of travel + design. Navigate Paris highlights my best Paris offerings to help you explore the city in creative ways.

Navigate Paris Tour

Navigate Paris Tour

While there are a million guidebooks and blogs out there, nothing really beats having a human point of contact when arriving in a new place. I'll help you understand the layout of Paris, how to get around and use the metro, French culture and etiquette, key French phrases, and I'll answer any questions you may have. I'll share tips on how to keep your trip budget friendly and give ideas for the rest of your stay. My tours are adaptable to your interests and designed to feel like you're hanging out with an old friend, not on some generic tour.

Who: 1-4 people. The tour is perfect for first time visitors, but seasoned visitors are welcome too!
Meeting place: Wherever you're staying! I'll come to you, show you neighborhood highlights and we'll explore 1-2 other neighborhoods. We can cover as lot or as little ground as you like.
Duration: 3 hours (Typically 10am or 2pm are good start times.)
Cost: 275€ + tax* 
Benefits: The tour is completely customizable + as a bonus, you'll get a lot of walking in so you can eat whatever you want while in town ;) You'll leave the tour feeling empowered and ready to conquer the city.

How it works:
1. Email me with the tour and date you're interested in. Please put the name of the tour offering in the subject line (ie. NAVIGATE PARIS).
2. Tours are typically booked no more than one month in advance (last minute tours are welcome too). I'll send you a PayPal invoice.
3. I'll send you a quick questionnaire to make the most of our time together.
4. We'll confirm the time and location a day or two before we meet.
5. We have an awesome 3 hours together exploring Paris!
6. I'll leave you with a marked up map of the city, and send you a recap within 24 hours of what we did and a few other tips and things to check out.

Pro Tip: The more specific you are with any special interests/passions/hobbies the more you'll get out of this experience.

A few ideas of how we can use our time together:

  • Get to know the neighborhood you're staying in

  • Cultural exchange and learn a few French phrases and cultural differences

  • Discover an entirely new to you neighborhood

  • Explore Paris through your own interests

  • Day trip from London? I'll meet you at the train station and give you an overview of Paris!

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* VAT = 20% in France. Businesses may be exempt.

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