I'm Anne! I founded Prêt à Voyager (translation: ready to travel) in 2007 to explore the intersection of travel + design. Navigate Paris highlights my best Paris offerings to help you explore the city in creative ways.

Navigate Paris Online

Navigate Paris Online

Do all your trip planning before you even hop on the plane so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

Navigate Paris online experience is a unique opportunity to prepare for your Paris travels, whether you’re coming for a few days, or intend to stay for a lifetime. I pulled over 10 years of my own experiences living in France along with 300 tours on the ground to create the best experience possible for you, pulling all my knowledge together in one place, just for you.

This experience is for you if you:

  • Want to make the most of your time in Paris

  • Are looking to experience Paris beyond the typical tourist way

  • Looking for some help planning your trip

  • Don’t want to be overwhelmed (you can watch the lessons in an afternoon, or spread them out and re-watch them anytime)

  • Are feeling overwhelmed about what to do in a little amount of time.

  • It’s your first trip to Paris.

  • You’ve been to Paris before, but want to have a deeper experience, more like a local, uncovering different sides to the city.

  • Want to understand France from a cultural perspective.

  • Are intimidated by public transportation and getting around.

  • Desire to see the city through a Fresh perspective.

Lessons include:

  • The magic word you need to make anything happen

  • The secret to navigating Paris (hint: it starts with maps!)

  • Mastering public transportation

  • Ordering in restaurants

  • Insider tips to look out for

  • Favorite resources to find out special events

  • So much more!

In addition to video lessons, there’s text that accompanies each one. I’ve curated the best resources to help you find everything you need to know. (Hint: I love encouraging people to explore Paris through their own interests, while also being open to trying new things.). As a bonus, you’ll get a link to tools I’ve created, from museum opening information, to my Google Map of favorite places in every neighborhood.

Who is this experience aimed at?
Anyone coming to France who is looking to have a rich experience (and that does not mean spending a lot of money). It’s great for individuals, or families wanting to plan together. It’s for people who are interested in cultural exchange and are open to new perspectives. If you only care about seeing a checklist of tourist sites, this workshop is probably not for you.

How is the online experience different than your tours?
You can follow the workshop at your own pace and revisit lessons whenever you want. During a typical tour there’s no way I can cover everything that’s in this workshop. This workshop is like the epic compilation of everything I know (and wish I knew) when I first came to Paris. It gives you all the tools to help you make the most of your time in Paris, while also giving you full permission to get lost.

Who is the instructor?
I’m Anne Ditmeyer, aka Prêt à Voyager. You can read all about me here, and follow me on Instagram at @pretavoyager + @navigateparis. My mantra is “travel is not about where you go, but how you see the world.”
I bring the perspective of a designer/entrepreneur to everything I do. You may also enjoy my monthly Paris newsletter with what’s happening in the city, along with a vocab lesson, and insider tips.


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