How did you start giving tours?
Back in 2012 the CEO of Vayable contacted me about offering "experiences" on their platform. I said yes, and before long I became the top Paris guide, and one of the top guides on the platform. The logical next step was creating more offerings on my own.

Why do you give tours?
As a blogger in Paris I started to get a lot of requests for itineraries. I started to offer tours as an alternative to all the free content I was sharing on my blog. I soon realized how much I loved connecting with people and personalizing experiences from them. (So much better than hiding behind a computer all the time.) Additionally, I like to help give people confidence to explore Paris on their own, and dig a little deeper under the skin of the city than they would have otherwise.

How many tours have you given?
Over 200 (each with 1-4 people) with clients from around the world. This doesn't even include the countless friends and family who have come to Paris too! You can get a sense of their experiences here.

Which tours have been your favorite?
I love when people have specific—dare I say random—interests, and part of the challenge is to find that subject in Paris. Some of the more unique tours have included a hunt for ribbons, tassels, comic books, pet accessories, and steak knives!

Why don't you accept bookings several months in advance?
I'm a freelancer, so I have to balance my workload, and I prefer to avoid cancellations. . . On the flip side, I think last minute requests are awesome (and work out more often than not).

Do you do this full time?
No, this is just one of the many hats I wear! You can check out more of my work on my website and blog.

How do I sign up for the Navigate Paris newsletter? What's included?
You can sign up here. It's going to be a bit of trial and error at first, and also depends how much interest there is. If you're looking for something else to read, I also have a newsletter called Underwater, with tales of Paris swimming pools and French bureaucracy.

The photos on your website are awesome! Who took them?
Ashley Ludaescher took the majority of the photos on this website. (The one on the about page was even shot on film!) The Design Tour lead image is by Leela Cyd.

What's your cancellation policy?
Coming soon.